Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.

In preparation for this campaign, I have talked with hundreds of Boulder residents who love our City and have helped make it one of the greatest places in the world to live. I would love to hear from you!

If elected, I will continue to listen to community members and will strive to carry on the legacies of environmental stewardship, forward thinking ideas, and commitment to community that have helped make Boulder so incredible.

If elected, I will also work to create:

A Boulder that is inclusive of a wide range of incomes

With the average single family home price exceeding one million dollars, even those making 150% of area median income find it challenging to live in Boulder. This means it's nearly impossible for our teachers, nurses, law enforcement, artists, service workers, and many more to live in the town in which they work. Over 40% of Boulder residents spend more than 50% of their income on housing. Studies show that we shouldn't spend more than 30% of our income on housing and when we go beyond that number, key necessities take a back seat. If elected, I will bring my housing expertise to the table and will strive to help Boulder meet and exceed its goal of 10% affordability.

Read more about my plan for affordable housing here.

A Boulder that is powered by 100% renewable energy

With the Federal Government continuing to take alarming steps to dismantle the environment and clean energy, it's more important than ever that local municipalities take steps forward. We live in a state with plentiful sunshine and wind, and we live at a time when the cost of solar & wind is affordable, yet 71% of our power still comes from fossil fuels (46% coal + 25% natural gas). If elected, I will bring my passion for renewable energy and diligently work towards a cleaner, decentralized and democratized energy future.

Read more about my thoughts on our best path towards carbon reduction here.

A Boulder that recognizes and supports its small businesses

As Boulder grows and welcomes new enterprises, we must support the small businesses we already have who are struggling to make it here, as well as the next generation of entrepreneurs that will build on our vibrant business community. Most of us can name a handful of our favorite mom-and-pop shops that have shut their doors in recent years due to rising rent prices. If elected, I will work to ensure there is small business support while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive in Boulder.

Read more about my plan for small business support here.

A Boulder that supports its most vulnerable populations

Supporting our most vulnerable populations is not only the right thing to do, it provides incredible social and economic benefit to our community. For example, a recent study shows that for every homeless youth that we help provide stable housing for, taxpayers save $250,000 in avoided social service costs. Food insecurity, lack of access to physical and mental health care, and inadequate access to elderly care is on the rise in Boulder. We also must continue to address homelessness in our community. If elected, I will always make our citizens who are struggling a priority and will strive to provide support through enhanced public-private partnerships, efforts to eradicate poverty, housing inequality, and more.

A Boulder that embraces the arts and encourages creativity and expression

Art plays a critical role in creating a vibrant, thriving community and is an important way to bring together people and enhance cultural and civic identity. According to the National Endowment for the Arts, Boulder has the third highest per capita population of working artists in the country, yet we allocate a very small portion of our general fund to supporting the arts (a fraction of 1%). If elected, I will work to increase Boulder's support for the arts by emphasizing public art acquisition and increased availability of gallery and performance space.

A Boulder that preserves and enhances its Open Space Legacy

Boulder's legacy of protecting and preserving open space has been one of our greatest environmental, social, and economic successes. Our trails were not designed to handle the massive influx of people into the Denver Metro area, however. As more and more people spend their precious down time connecting with nature on our open space lands, it will be necessary to meaningfully address the management of our open spaces to ensure that we can meet people's needs for connection with nature while continuing to protect nature itself. We should also look to collaborate with neighboring land management agencies to ensure that we provide for meaningful environmental protection on a regional basis. If elected, I will strive to balance conservation and recreation priorities on our open space.