OUr Energy Future

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There are currently two legal options for power generation and distribution in the State of Colorado: 1. Through a municipal utility; 2. Through an outside electric provider.  Boulder citizens have voted four times to explore forming our own municipal electric utility and we are closer now than ever to that option becoming a reality.  Boulder has a goal of achieving 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050.  Moving towards renewables as the source of our energy will get us 43% of the way towards that goal, but the rest needs to come from electrification of our homes and cars. As a municipal utility Boulder will have far greater flexibility and control to move towards renewables and to incentivize electrification. 

I am encouraging voters to vote YES on ballot measures 2P, 2L, and 2O.  The opportunity to control our energy future is worth fighting for - this is a time to move forward!

Municipal utilities throughout progressive states such as California are moving rapidly towards their carbon reduction goals while we are being left behind in the hands of an investor run corporate monopoly.  Let's give Boulder the power to join in with other progressive cities to help reduce our carbon emissions and set an example for the country.  The federal government isn't going to do this for us - we need to take action ourselves!