Jill is a compelling combination of enthusiastic energy for what is possible, grounded by her real-world knowledge of real estate & affordable housing, and driven by her commitment to the planet and LGBTQ and other vulnerable populations. She has been a long-time municipalization supporter and plays a very active role in many causes. - Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder


Jill Adler Grano is one of those people who you like the instant you meet her. Jill greets everyone with a hug, looks you directly in the eye, and lets you know that she really cares about you and what you think. Like Eric Budd, Jill is in her mid-30s, but has already accomplished achievements that anyone would be proud of over an entire lifetime. A Realtor by profession, Jill does far more than just sell houses. Serving on the board of Thistle Communities, she has helped create scores of permanently affordable houses in Boulder. Recognizing that not all housing can be made of bricks and mortar, Jill has been a champion for those living in mobile homes, personally buying up and forgiving tax liens so that mobile home residents don’t face eviction when the tax bill is too high. She has successfully sought reform of Colorado’s tax laws before the state legislature, making mobile home tax evictions more rare. Named by BizWest as one of the top 40 under 40 in Boulder Valley, Jill has taught civics at the Watershed School, has volunteered with Meals on Wheels, has served on the Board of Zoning Adjustments, is a member of Historic Boulder and the Sierra Club, and has led efforts for environmental protection, clean energy, and marriage equality. A single mother of two young boys, Jill is proud that she would be the first openly LGBTQ person elected to City Council in four decades. Jill believes that Boulder should be inclusive, green, innovative, artistic, and protective of the historic built environment and the natural environment that surrounds it. While Jill and I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, Jill walks the talk. On every issue, you know exactly where she’s coming from, that she has thought about it deeply, and that she wants to do the right thing. I would be proud to serve with Jill on City Council. - Bob Yates, Councilperson


Jill Grano is just all around great. She combines a strong focus on environmental action with a focus on inclusion, diversity and housing options. She brings some perspectives that are missing on council today, as a young mother who is openly LGBTQ. She has a big heart, as witnessed by her actions last year to save the homes of low income mobile home owners from tax lien sales, and is smart and savvy, as illustrated by her follow-up work to get state legislation passed to give additional protections to this vulnerable population. She is vice chair of the city Board of Zoning Adjustment, a longtime board member of New Era Colorado, and a strong proponent of municipalization (see, I told you these 5 don’t all agree on everything….). She is the only candidate to be endorsed by Better Boulder, Open Boulder and the Sierra Club. - Will Toor, Former Mayor


There aren't enough words to describe my support for Jill Adler Grano. I've never met a more passionate, caring or capable woman for City Council. I've traveled with her, walked and talked with her, shared many a meal with her. She's exactly who Boulder needs to support the foundation of issues so many of us care about. Vote for JILL!  - Peggy Markel, Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures


Jill Grano is the complete candidate: a single mom with two children, someone who has put time and money into supportive housing and services for people that are stressed, a supporter of housing and density in appropriate places, a supporter of eliminating our insanely restrictive ADU regs. As a young woman, she carries her generation’s devotion to stemming climate change and is thus a supporter of the Muni. - Macon Cowles, former City Councilperson 


I've worked with Jill and Jill is a leader who is hard working, committed and thoughtful. Jill just can't help herself, when she sees injustice she acts on it.Jill Adler Grano will bring a decade's worth of much-needed community involvement experience, her ability to thoroughly research an issue and just plain kindness to our city council. Vote for Jill!  - Regina Cowles, Community Activist


I strongly support an amazing newcomer Jill Grano, a true cross-over candidate endorsed by both Sierra Club and Better Boulder.  She’s an innovative, intelligent, energetic pro-Muni candidate who defies description. - Bob Morehouse, Vermillion