Supporters of Jill for City Council*

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"Grano is one of the most appealing council candidates we've encountered — a mom with young children, a proud representative of the LGBTQ community, knowledgeable on real estate and affordable housing, two key areas going forward." - The Daily Camera

"Jill is sincere, empathetic, and works incredibly hard ... Jill has proven herself to be fully committed to our diverse and beloved Boulder. We are facing many challenges for the foreseeable future. We need Jill's perspective and her voice. I am grateful that Jill has thrown her hat in the ring and is willing to offer us her talent and time." - House Representative Edie Hooton

"I support Jill Adler Grano for Boulder City Council. She cares and she is not afraid to act. Her experience working in the community on climate action, renewable energy, recognizing the importance of the arts, our small businesses and taking care of our most vulnerable populations makes her exactly who we need on council at this time." -Senator Stephen Fenberg


Group Endorsements

The Daily Camera

Boulder Weekly

Yellow Scene Magazine

Sierra Club

Better Boulder

Open Boulder

Elephant Journal

Engage Boulder

South Boulder Creek Action Group

Elected or Appointed Officials

Jared Polis, U.S. Representative

Steve Fenberg, State Senator

KC Becker, State Representative

Edie Hooton, State Representative

Stanley L. Garnett, Boulder County District Attorney

Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner

Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder

Matt Appelbaum, City Councilperson & former Mayor

Aaron Brockett, City Councilperson

Andrew Shoemaker, City Councilperson

Bob Yates, City Councilperson

Nikhil Mankekar, Deputy Chair of the Human Relations Commission

Bryan Bowen, Planning Board 

David Ensign, Boulder Planning Board

Andria Bilich, Open Space Board of Trustees

Eric Budd, Landmarks Board

Formerly Elected or Appointed Officials

The Honorary Jean Dubofsky, Former Colorado Supreme Court Justice

Leslie Durgin, Former Mayor of Boulder

Will Toor, Former Mayor of Boulder

Macon Cowles, Former City Councilperson

Tim Plass, Former City Councilperson

Francoise Poinsatte, Former City Councilperson

Joe Neguse, Former CU Regent


Betsey Martens, Former Director of Boulder Housing Partners 

Lisa Kaufmann, Chair of Gubernatorial Campaign for Jared Polis

Fern O'Brien, O'Brien Law and former Candidate for Attorney General

Jeremy Durham, Boulder Housing Wizard

Mary Duvall, Boulder Housing Wizard

Claire Clurman, Executive Director of Attention Homes

Judy Amabile, President, Product Architects, Inc.

Bob Morehouse, Founder of Vermillion

Danica Powell, Founder of Trestle Strategy Group

Ryan Van Duzer, Adventurer, Filmaker, Burrito Lover

Andrew Hyde, Founder of Startup Weekend & the man behind Ignite Boulder & TEDxBoulder

Anne and Paul Cure, Cure Farm

Regina Cowles, Community Activist

Waylon Lewis, Founder of Elephant Journal & Community Activist

Brook Eddy, Founder of Bhakti Chai

Willow King, Founder of Ozuke Pickled Foods

Coral & Will Frischkorn, Founders of Cured

Bobby & Danette Stuckey, Master Sommelier & owners of Frasca Food and Wine

Brett Zimmerman, Master Sommelier & Founder of Boulder Wine Merchant 

Jennifer Zimmerman, Partner at Dolan & Zimmerman Law Firm

Peggy Markel, Peggy's Culinary Adventures

Dana Derichsweiler, Founder of Walnut Cafe

Sukhraj Kaur Gipple, Founder of Raj Yoga

Chantal Pierrat, CEO & Founder of Emerging Women

Susan Freeman Mann, CEO, Hawaii Five-0

David Adamson, Goose Creek Community Land Trust

Gerry and Nicole Wienholt, Founders of Yoga Pod

Leslie Glustrom, Researcher

Dennis Arfmann, Environmental Attorney

Sandy Younghans, Attorney and Activist

Michelle Estrella, Director of Finance, University of Colorado Boulder

Joan Haug, Chief of Staff to Kimbal Musk at The Kitchen Community 

Dan and Cindy Caruso

Holly Lind, Occupational Therapist & Marathoner

Phyllis Rogers, Writer, Attorney

Inga Pae Peterson, Business Owner & Photographer

Christie & Poss Lambert, Founders of Cedar & Hyde

Mel & Mark Glenn, Founders of Conscious Coffees

Dr. Carol Conzelman, Associate Director Global Studies Program at CU-Boulder

Nicole Duke, Former Professional Cyclist

Korrie Lewan, Designer, Entrepreneur & Lucy's mom

Carole Lundeen, Operations Wizard & Chase's mom

Kim and Jake Rosenbarger, Founders of Kim & Jakes Cakes

Jacques Juilland, Founder of Habilis Design Build

Kelly Degnan, Outstanding Local Artist

Joshua Scott Onysko, Founder, Pangea Organics

Kate Kripke, Co-Founder, The Postpartum Wellness Center of Boulder

Casey Easton, Founder of Food Lab

Botsy Phillips, Mountain Biker & Realtor

Zane Selvans, Data Analyst and Community Activist 

Nathalie Pratt, Pure Water for The World

Mimi Mather

Aly Nicklas, Film Producer & Founder of Just Rite Media

Becca Blay, Bicycles for Humanity & former professional cyclist

Darcy Shively, Textile Artist & Mother

Ingrid Walsh, Founder of RealGood (Food Security Advocate)

Pete Lopinto, Cyclist, Rapha

Jen Sherry, Environmentalist & Soapmaker

Zachary Barr, Sender Films

Edith Pressler, Clinica Campesina, People's Clinic

Adam Stenftenagel, Co-Founder & CEO, Snugg Home

Colin Kirby, Chef Extraordinair 

Joey Walker, Therapist & Liam's mom

Caroline Quine, CQ Graphics

Steve Elmes, SJE Productions

Lucy Conklin, Community Activist & Realtor

Ben Alexandra, Owner, Trakkware

Amanda Salzman, Music Aficionado & Realtor

Collette Roy, Founder of Room to Room

Anne Lee Foster, E9 Energy Insight & Anti-Fracking Activist

Maya Burlingame, Green Machines

Amy Nack, Vice President, Marketing & Sales at ATBS

Pieter Oosthuizen, CEO, Celsus Bio-Intelligence

Amanda Genakos, Communications & Outreach Director, HomeAid Colorado

Denny McCloskey, Retired Teacher & Coach, past Chair DRCOG, Realtor

Steve Silberman, Parent & Cyclist

Matthew Haies, Lawyer

Bobby Brown, Self Employed

Shelley Dunbar, Marketing Director, Sea to Summit

Hannah Davis, Mergelane

Corey Kohn, Dojo4

Victoria Olson, Founder, Expand Mentoring

Lara Fairbanks, Lead Teacher at Snow Lion School and Artist

Lauren Folkerts, Architect

Damelia Mujica, Housing Case Manager

Megan Hudson

Tatiana Maxwell, Developer

Ken Hotard, BARA Assocication Management 

Sue Prant, Executive Director Community Cycles

Thomas Wells, Transportation-Housing-Energy Nexus Nerd

Sarah Kinn, Artist and Dog Walker

 Kate Lacroix, PR

Carly Silberman, Sales & Marketing for Food Manufacturing

Geoff Williamson, Water Rights Lawyer

Mindy Miller

Ann Cooper, Realtor

Steve Remmert, Realtor

 Chelsea Pohl

Jessica Yates, Lawyer; Open Boulder Co-Chair; Former Chair of Transportation Advisory Board

Michael Rush, Graduate Student Researcher

Steve Watts, Executive Director - Boulder Mountainbike Alliance

Rick Miller, Title Account Manger

Anna Lappe, Solar Advocate

Terry Cipoletti, Attorney

Dr. Matthew King


*(elected officials, candidates, city board members, & former elected officials listed first, followed by support in the order it was received - please add your name!)